Excluded, The Game

You have a woman in front of you. You will make key decisions in her life. And you will face a challenge: escape from social exclusion. You are at the mercy of gender violence and sexual workplace harassment. You will be judged, feeling fear and shame.

What we introduce today as a game, is the reality of almost 5 million women in Spain. Do you think it is easy to escape from social exclusion? Dare, live in a world as hostile as real.

The Awareness Project for International Women Day of the Adecco Foundation is called Excluded. The first interactive game that will allow you to put yourself in the shoes of a woman at risk of social exclusion.



To play this game, you will have to choose a life story and watch the videos on your device. The lead will narrate her life from childhood, and at the end of each video you will decide if you are willing to know how the story evolves. At the end, when you finish the game you will think that this lifetime cannot occur to you. It was also thought by more than 13,000 women that Adecco Foundation guided during 2019. People with an ordinary life who have seen themselves in situations they would never have imagined.

If you are ready to start the game, choose a story

Our challenge

We work every day so that women have equal opportunities in access to employment, but we cannot do it alone, we have the support of companies and committed entities. This data shows that being a woman is still a social is a social disadvantage and an exclusion factor. Put yourself in their shoes and Help us change the world. ¿Let’s start?

Shall we start?

Do you think it is easy to escape from social exclusion?
Try to live this experience, live in a real but hostile world.

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